Everything Reiki

Chapter Index

The Everything Reiki Book

Chapter Index

Chapter 1:What Is Reiki?

Reiki Is Energy
Profound and Yet So Simple
The Power of Love Energy
Channeling the Ki
Experiencing Reiki
Honoring the Reiki Rite
ABCs of Reiki

Chapter 2: Reiki Sensations

What It Feels Like
Hot and Cold Hands
Extra Healing Hands
The Reiki Pulse
Facilitating the Flow
A Vessel That Never Empties
Perception Techniques

Chapter 3: Who Benefits from Reiki?

Reiki During Pregnancy
For Young Children
It’s Good for Seniors
A Care Giving Practice
Reiki and Pets
Dealing with the Skeptics
Reiki Benefits Everyone

Chapter 4: Reiki Attunement

Choosing the Appropriate Reiki Master
Preparing for the Attunement
Reiki Initiation Ritual
Booster Attunements
Twenty-One Days of Purification
Who Wants to Feel Sick?

Chapter 5: Pretreatment Preparations

Reiki Principals
Cleansing the Body Temple
Dress Comfortably
Nourish Your Body
A Healing Space With Healing Intentions
Curbing Your Expectations
Centering and Grounding
Are You Ready?

Chapter 6: Self-Treatments

A Regular Reiki Routine
Preparing for a Full Body Session
Basic Hand Placements
Is It Working?
Reiki on the Fly
Tracking Your Progress
Are You Avoiding Self-Treatments?

Chapter 7: Treating Others

Newly Attuned Exuberance
Pretreatment Communication
Blending of Personal Energies
Hand Placements for Treating Others
Creating Boundaries
Reiki Treatments at Healthcare Facilities

Chapter 8: Absentia Treatments

The Power of Reiki Symbols
Working with the Symbols
The Absentia Healing Formula
Directing the Flow
Obtaining Consent
A More Mindful Approach
Absentia Treatment Positions
Sending Reiki to a Group

Chapter 9: Reiki Shares

Learning to Share
Publicly Sponsored Reiki Shares
Privately Hosted Reiki Shares
Hosting a Private Reiki Share
Reiki Share Etiquette
Shifting Energies
When the Share Is Over
More Sharing

Chapter 10: Treating Aches and Pains

Treating the PEMS Body
Bleeding, Bruises, Broken Bones, and Burns
Heartburn and Indigestion
Treating Hard-to-Reach Areas
Anxiety and Phobias
For Chronic Pain Sufferers
Surgical Procedures
Living with Terminal Illness

Chapter 11: Reiki and Intuition

Connecting with Your Guides
Paying Attention to the Signs
Emotional Centers of the Body
Trusting Your Feelings
Sharing Communication
Are You an Empath?
Transmuting Negative Energies
Channeling Spirits
A Spiritual Quest

Chapter 12: Reiki as a Way of Life

A Part of Your Every Day
On Rocky Relationships
Reiki Moon Rituals
The Reiki Environment
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Past, Present, and Future Events

Chapter 13: Reiki for Fun

In Your Reiki Sandbox
Better Than a Green Thumb
Diet and Nutrition
Let Reiki Be Your Shopping Guru
Mood Enhancement and Meditation
Reiki and Your Sex Life
Enjoying Life with Reiki

Chapter 14: Journal Your Reiki Experiences

Dedicating Your Journal
Ready, Set, Go!
The Post-Attunement Journal
Documenting Reiki Sessions
Recording Reiki Requests
Dreams and Manifestations
Reiki Affirmations
Your Recorded History

Chapter 15: Levels of Training

Getting Certified
Usui Reiki I
Usui Reiki II
Usui Reiki III
Usui Reiki Master Level
What It All Means

Chapter 16: Reiki Symbols

The Power of a Symbol
Shrouded in Secrecy
Secrecy of Reiki Symbols
Cho Ku Rei–the Power Symbol
Sei Hei Ki–the Harmony Symbol
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen–the Connection Symbol
Dai Ko Myo–the Master Symbol
Raku–the Completion Symbol
Meditation and Reiki Symbols

Chapter 17: Past, Present, and Future

Usui Reiki Emerges in the West
Historical Truth or Aesop Fable?
The Tale of Rediscovery
The Reiki Creed
Researching Reiki’s Japanese Roots
Usui Shiki Ryoho Timeline
Evolution of Reiki

Chapter 18: The Human Side of Reiki

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Mrs. Takata’s Twenty-Two Initiates
Reiki Historians
Modernday Reiki Pioneers
Reiki Lineages

Chapter 19: Reiki Systems

A Variety of Systems
The Original Systems
Trademarked Systems
More Variations
From a Common Source

Chapter 20: Reiki Controversies

Opposing Attitudes
Money Matters
The “True” Lineage Bearer
Attunement Concerns
Sending Absentia Reiki Energies
Sentiments over Symbols
Making up Your Mind

Chapter 21: What Reiki Is Not

Traditional Reiki Organizations
Traditional or Not
What Nontraditional Classes Have to Offer
Distinguishing Reiki from Other Modalities
Reiki and Other Healing Practices
Staying on the Reiki Path

Chapter 22: Other Touch or Energy-Based Therapies

Alexander Technique
Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing
Bowen Therapy
Healing Touch
Huna Healing
Johrei Healing
Polarity Therapy
Pranic Healing
Shiatsu Massage
Therapeutic Touch
The Trager Approach
Quantum Touch

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B: Glossary of Terms
Appendix C: Additional Resources

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